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Digital advertising spending worldwide is at 521 billion USD and projected to reach 876 billion by 2026 and with 90% of consumer doing research on phone before visiting a business, it has become the only medium for connecting with your target audience.

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Benefits of Digital Advertising for your business

  • Digital Marketing helps small brands to reach global audience.
  • Digital Marketing allows you to communicate with your target audience while avoiding others using specific targeting.
  • Digital Marketing better advertisment ROI as compared to traditional marketing channels.
  • Digital Marketing allows multiple strategies which allows easy performance measurement (A/B Testing) and faster fine tuning.

Why Digital Advertising is crucial for your small business?

  • Digital Advertisements create level playing field and let small business compete with bigwigs.
  • Digital Advertisments come with analytics which cost a ton for traditional channels.
  • Digital Advertisements can even be done with few dollars.
  • Results of Digital Advertisements are instanteous and measureable allowing faster changes to strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have some queries or doubts regarding pay per click and digital adverts. We are answering some common questions here for convenience. If your query is not listed here feel free to contact us.

Pay-per-click advertising is a method of online advertising that costs only when someone clicks on your advertisement. Appearance of advertisemnt is dependent on bid, campaign settings, quality and relevance of the ad.

Google Ads is the most popular Pay Per Click online advertising platform in the world. Google Ads Platform allows ads to be shown up on Google’s search engine and Google websites.

Prices for PPC advertising campaigns differ by business type, market, and approach.  PPC cost is sum of money spend on advertisements and PPC management charges. PPC campaign can be managed by business owners themselves if they can devote time to learn and apply.

PPC is should work no matter your business sector. If people search for your services and products online, you are good to go!

PPC generates website traffic as soon as campaigns is started and effectiveness of campaigns is visible withing a week of starting campaign. This is in contrast to SEO which may take up to a year to show results.