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Content is the key to communication, visibility, and traffic which has no substitute. It is the most critical factor in web rankings. Let us build your brand online through effective & SEO-friendly content and see the visible difference in traffic, leads, and sales.

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Benefits of having professionally written content

  • It offers better communication with your target audience and leads to better conversions.
  • It is helpful to the audience and ranks higher on the search engines, getting more traffic.
  • It is SEO optimised and relevant to search engine users.
  • It is a one-time investment offering more visibility, unlike paid advertising with recurring costs.

Why is content crucial for your small business?

  • Search Engines do not rank webpages based on deep pockets but on content, allowing small businesses equal footing.
  • Useful and relevant content is the most crucial factor in ranking a webpage.
  • A good content strategy is a white hat SEO technique.
  • Good content gives your website authority and credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have some queries or doubts regarding content creation and strategy. We are answering some common questions here for convenience. If your query is not listed here feel free to contact us.

It is content that is written in a way to assist the search engines to catalogue, comprehend the context, and relate to the subject matter. SEO-friendly content is placed higher on SERP and generally gets more traffic.

Keyword stuffing is a Black Hat SEO technique used to get an unfair advantage in search engines, which involves the unnatural packing of a web page’s visible content, backlink anchor text, and meta tags with keywords.

Content is critical in ranking because search engines rank pages based on their content. Other ranking factors are there, but without quality and relevant content on the page, other ranking signals would be inconsequential.

It is a google search engine update which ranks content higher based on its helpfulness to the user. Google promotes websites which provide original, helpful content written by people, for people, by ranking them higher in search results.

Yes, it does. Google’s algorithms get confused with pages with the same content. It ranks and shows only one page of the multiple pages with duplicate content, meaning your page, which contains duplicate content, might not even appear in the rankings.